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“Romeo and Juliet of soul” release debut EP, music video

David & Devine Release EP, Music Video Featuring True Blood Actress Mariana Klaveno


LOS ANGELES – January 2011 – Eclectic, soulful duo David & Devine, in just under a year, have gained tremendous support from fans, friends and celebrities, allowing them to release their self-titled debut EP and first official music video for single, “’Til the Sun Comes Up,” on Feb. 22, 2011 with much anticipation.


Backed by the support of their fans through artist funding platform, David & Devine were able to raise almost $8,000 to create their forthcoming Sci-fi thriller-themed music video directed and produced by Cullen Wright and Cypress House. Also, it is starring actress Mariana Klaveno from the HBO show True Blood. The video has already gained enough hype to be showcased at festivals nationwide throughout this year.


“We were totally blown away by the amount of support we received from our fans to help make this project a reality,” David & Devine member Dave Yaden said. “Their support means so much to us. It's our driving force. Especially for being such a new band, to have that kind of energy behind us so quickly is amazing."


Yaden, as well as the other half of the David & Devine duo Candace Devine, hopes the music video in addition to the release of their debut EP, will give something back to their fans in exchange for all that they have given them.


The self-titled EP will feature five original songs including single “’Til the Sun Comes Up” and fan favorite “Leave the Light On.” The music reflects a new age blues pop sound similar to what you would expect to hear if Elton John and Aretha Franklin decided to form a band. Todd Beauchamp, previously noted for his work with artists like Tony Lucca, Curtis Peoples, and JT Spangler, produced the album.


"When Dave and I met it was immediately comfortable,” Devine remembers.  “Our voices had a great blend and we genuinely enjoyed singing together.  Our writing styles were really compatible right off the bat, too. We write what we love, songs that are catchy and have a soul. If they get stuck in our heads and make us say 'ah yea!' at the same time, we're happy."


Yaden and Devine joined forces after co-writing a few songs together and instantly feeling a natural chemistry. After playing a few local shows together in Los Angeles and gaining major industry buzz, the two artists decided to form David & Devine in early 2010.


If you would like more information about David & Devine, Dave Yaden, or Candace Devine, or would like a copy of the EP or video to review, please contact Mandy Eckman at the provided contact information.




Dave Yaden is a Grammy award-nominated songwriter who has written and performed with national acts such as One Republic, Lady Antebellum, and Josh Kelley.


Candace Devine has performed and toured with national acts such as Christina Aguilera, Steven Van Zant, Survivor, and The Tubes.


DiscoverStars Music Agency is a music management firm based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Founded in 2005, the company originally started as a social network for venues and artists and developed into a management agency. DiscoverStars’ roster now includes Shea Fisher, MikelParis, of OAR, David & Devine, and Robbers on High Street.

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Dave Yaden, who has written, recorded and performed with the likes of One Republic, Josh Kelley, Lady Antebellum and Eric Hutchinson, and Candace Devine, former backup singer for Christina Aguilera, have joined to form the latest "Romeo and Juliet" of rock/soul.



I turn my collar towards the cold of this old city

You're still blowing through my mind

I'm a king without my queen when you're not near me

A poet fumbling for a rhyme



You're the only one for me



Well you know I don't want nothing if I can't have you

When you go, my heart starts missing everything you do

And I just want to hold you til the sun comes up

So I'll be waiting here for you



I keep your picture on the mirror in my bedroom

Wear your t-shirt when I sleep

I sit and wait for you to call me from your hotel

I'll pretend your holding me





Distance makes the heart grow fonder 

(I'm so awfully fond of you)

I'm so fond of you, promise I'll be true

They say home is where the heart is 

(I can't wait to kiss your face, feel your warm embrace) 

I have not been home since you left, 

I been gone, all alone, all along and I gotta say 




Mandy Eckman
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